Sagarmatha Arohan completed: 400 more vacancies, 36 million royalty


This year, the Sagarmatha Arohan has collected Rs. 404,148,932 321 royalties.

A spring of spring spring was started on August 5, and it has lasted on 18th.

More than 400 people have been climbed in this yam. Human damage has decreased in the climbing of this time more than the previous year. In the spring of this year, the tourism department has collected Rs. 41 million 28 lakh 84 thousand 638 rupees from 28 Himalas, which has allowed Arohan to collect.

The highest amount of royalty is collected by Sagaramtha. Tourism Department said that this figure could increase. According to the department’s director Ram Prasad Sapkota, Rs. 361.19 million from Sagarmatha has got royalty collected. Riyalty has been collected from Rs. 9.98 lakh 960 from Lhots Himal, along with Sagarmatha.

Similarly, Rs 82 lakh 26 thousand 720 from Dhaulagiri, Rs 63 lakh 63 thousand 9, from Rs. 6 lakh 47 thousand 877 from Kanchanjunga and Rs 14 lakh 928 280 from Mansulu have been collected.

In the spring of this year, 38 Nepali groups including four Nepalis were concentrated in the campaign to kiss the peak of the Sagarmatha.

Different types of varieties, including the royalty of the Sagittarius Arohan, vary. According to the department, foreigners will pay $ 11,000 royalty in spring season. Such autumn must pay $ 5,000, and royalty in US $ 750, in summer. Similarly, Nepalese climbers have to pay Rs 75,000 in autumn season, 37 thousand 500 in autumn and Rs 18, 250 250 royalty in heat yam.

A spring of spring spring was started on August 5. The eight-day Sherpa who had reached the first door of Arohan, was inaugurated.

The whole world is immersed 

Kamirita Sherpa had made a record on the second day of Arohan on June 2. He has set the record by climbing the Sagarmatha for 22 times. Similarly, Pemba Dorje Sherpa has also made a record.

In 2004, Pemba had set a record climbing Sagarmatha in eight hours 10 minutes. Gyanendra Shrestha, the contact officer of the Pimba, climbed the Sagarmatha with the statue of Prithvirainayana Shah.

International news media has presented special news content about the Carmirita Sherpa, which has made the record by ascending the mountainous times. Earlier, the record of Apg Sherpa and Phurva Tasi Sherpa with Kami was recorded 21 times the Sagarmatha climbing.

Carmirata of Solukhumbu holds the world record, focusing on media media around him is focused on him.

In the online version of the famous Guardianian, 48-year-old Camirita has promoted the importance of keeping the record important. According to the online edition of the magazine magazine, ‘Carmirita has targeted the world’s highest peak 25 times.’

Kamirita, who started the Sagarmatha Arohan at the age of twenty, has climbed the world’s top peak. Similarly, India’s Hindustan Times, the online version of another mirror of the UK, has also been presenting news content with the importance of the records of Kamirita and Lappa.

In the same way, America’s ABC News, Washington Times, Chicago Times, Pakistan’s Pakistan Today, Canada’s ‘The’ Star Worldwide media broadcast the news of climbing of the highest peak with great importance.

In 1953, Tangling Norge Sherpa and Edmund Hillary climbed the highest peak for the first time. At the age of 64 years of Sagarmatha Arohan, about 8,000 people have already lost the summit of Sagarmatha. In the same way, 286 people have died.

In the spring of the previous year, 366 indigenous Indians and foreigners ascended from Sachthmatha to the Sagarmatha. In 2016, 300 mountaineers of 38 groups had chosen Seagamatha’s peaks. As per the last year, Arohan has seen this year easier.

Less than the past 

During the spring of this year, three people died during the Sagarmatha Arohan. Similarly, only one person has disappeared in snowmillers. Asahi Kharki Sarki Sherpa died on Wednesday on the outskirts of Khumbhu.

According to Solukhumbu police, 36-year-old Sherpa died in Khumbu Pasanglum village-1. According to police inspector Prakumun Kumar officer, Sherpa was injured in a clash with Khumbu Icefal of Aadha Camp-2, which was taken to the Mountain Medical Area located in 5 village-5 and died during treatment.

Sherpa had gone to Sagarmatha Arohna from the Himalayan Association Company. Earlier, two foreigners died during the Sagarmatha Arohan. The camp of Sengamatha, 36-year-old Japanese Nabakuja Kuriki and 62-year-old Macedonia, Georgi Petkov, died on the last Sunday, according to police.

According to Contact Shrestha, according to the contact authority, this year has suffered less damage in the climbing of this year.

Due to the snowfall in 2014, 19 people died with 16 Nepalis. Similarly, in 2012, at 11 am, the eleven died. Similarly, in 2015 2015, 22 climbers died. In 2017, three climbers died and an ascendant was lost. On this basis, Shrestha, who has less humanity, has suffered less than this time.

Angringering Sherpa, former vice president of the Nepal Mountaineering Association, this time, Sagarmatha Arohan has been more secure and has been lesser than human damage.

He said that due to ascertainment, more conditions have been adopted, arranged pathogen system and knowledge of all-time ascertainment as well.

Sherpa informed about 70 percent of the royalties of Arohan and 30 percent will be spent in local development of related districts.