Nepalese workers are not allowed to go to Malaysia, the government has stopped workers’ labor volunteer


Nepalese workers are now unable to go to Malaysia. Nepal government has suspended the process of migration to Nepal from Malaysia.

The Government has tried to push the Malaysian government to remove the unconstitutional mechanism being carried out by employees who go to Malaysia from various mechanisms, even after accepting former labor workers from Malaysia. Apart from visa, workers will not be able to go to Malaysia immediately.

Malaysia’s new government has not even formalized it. Nepal’s Embassy in Malaysia said that Nepal will announce the announcement of illegal sanctions on the mechanisms raised by the Malaysian government.

For that, he has stopped the process of visa visas. According to this, the Nepal government has also stopped working labor prior to the demand from Malaysia. The fight against the war has begun.

The Ministry of Labor and Employment is a moral claim to Malaysia on removing the injustice facing workers going to Malaysia after pre-approval. The new government of Malaysia here is not a conclusion that sometimes the decision to remove the cyanatra erected by the employer in various names. 
Labor Minister Gokarna Bista has reached the position of closing the worker to Malaysia until he comes. According to the Bastus, who is illegally going to illegally carry the load of debt only when the youth goes for employment.

Newly elected Prime Minister Mahathir Bin Mohammed, who had recently elected to Malaysia, had told that the workers who were illegally mistaken in Malaysia could bring a special plan to ‘legitimize’. He also gave the popular slogan to give the main priority to the local employment. 
Based on this, he is likely to reconsider the policy of bringing workers from different countries. In this case workers from Nepal have been stopped.

However, the Malaysian labor market is not even a helper of foreign workers in the country. He has been working diplomatically in the labor ministry to resolve the issue of illegal disarmament raised by Nepal. 
Despite the good work of the Nepalese workers in Malaysia, a high official of the ministry said that the new government there is no doubt that Nepal has taken the issues raised seriously.

Labor Minister Bista also expressed confidence in the issue of serious problems in Nepali workers’ problems due to positive positive issues in the case of Foreign Minister Mahathir since Malaysia.

Adding a huge mechanism to foreign workers and moral issues is wrong even after adding one mechanism to the ministry, without the bilateral agreement, adding one-day mechanism.

‘The mechanism built here was benefiting only the high government officials and the political level. The government of Malaysia had no advantage. We are convinced that the new Prime Minister breaks the black flag, “the official said. 
Around Rs 18 thousand extra money is being raised by employing various mechanisms and going to Malaysia now. The government has arrested Nepali businessmen involved in breaking the network of Syndicate.

As the Government continues to investigate the illegal disarmament, it is believed that Nepalese employment will be done in Malaysia. Labor officials said that after a short time the heavy burden of debt is going to reach Malaysia, the situation in which Malaysia needs to end.