John’s ‘atom’ is seen by Khadri of the viewer, Happened IPL


Bollywood film actor John Abraham, the film’s atomic film atom, has made $ 460 million in the first day.Due to lack of expected collection, the promotion of the film is reduced and the IPL issued in India has been seen to forget the viewer.


Due to the good news of the movie’s mouth of publicity, the collection is expected to improve on Saturday. The movie has got a total of 2205 screens in India and 270 out of India 2705. Earlier, while the IPL was on, the movies in the show were completely uncertain. Due to the timing of the show, Zone has received a good response from the movie-based movie reviewer, but the viewer has noticed the flap movie list.


The movie is described in the Basics story. John Abraham appeared in the role of the main member of the Nuclear Test team.