India’s trade in India dies 50% fall in smuggling


Petroleum defects are a spoon in the capital of Nepal. However, petrol of the Nepalese market has expired in Indian markets. In the Indian market, petrochemical prices have been increasingly new, while stealing the petrol india market from different places in Nepal has been making new reservations.

According to the Madhubani, Sitamagadhi and Purnavi Champi connected to Nepal, petrol is found at Rs 83/84 per liter. Price of diesel in India is only Rs 73 per liter.

In Nepal 66 kg of petroleum is found in petrol, the sage price is sold at Rs 56, 58 per liters. Therefore, Indians living in Nepal-India boundary area have been doing bad business by storing large number of petroleum products from Nepal.

Now Nepal has become the largest network of petroleum stolen extracters from India. The person who is not only Nepal but also has the damage to India. India’s petroleum substance wreck has dropped by 50 percent.


So steal

  • Free from India after being trapped by a vehicle from India
  • Smuggling through the road from the village
  • Petrol is taken in the night

Cheap in India than India …….

In comparison to India, there is a difference of 15 rupees in Nepal. Due to which the smugglers are found to smuggle from Nepal directly to raise their profit. In India, the diियो is closing and is being shifted to a limited place.

In the Indian market, the first 5 to seven vehicles, where the gasoline in Petrol Sima region has been widespread, despite being cheap in Nepal, the Indian media said.