Haidarism will face Chennai at the forefront of the episode in the finals


 In the second qualifier of the Indian Premier League, Sunriseor Hedraism has lost Kolkata Nightrides 14 runs. Hundreds of Hindus have reached the final of IPL.

Hedraism will face Chennai on Sunday for the competition. Hedradism was defeated in Chennai with Chennai.

Hurraism has said in a phenomenon after shining Afghan Star Risal Khan. The receipt of the competition was declared man of the match. Kolkata is out of competition with defeat.

The first batsman took the toss and made 174 runs by defeating 7 wickets in the set 20 overs. To prepare the same score for him, Risal Khan played an aggressive innings of 34 runs in 10 balls. He hit 4 fours and two in his innings. 
Similarly, Ridhmanman Shah for 35, Shikhar Dhawan 34 and Shikiv Al Hasan contributed 28 runs. Rasul’s magic went on to sacrifice. He scored 4 overs and took 3 wickets for 3 wickets.

Similarly, Kuldeep Yadav took 2 wickets, Shivam Abhishek, Sunal Narain and Pietas Chawla took 1-1 wickets. Kolkata started a concerted follow the 175-run target. Kolkata’s batting line up with 87 runs for two wickets in the eighth overs, was then hit by the wicket wicket. He lost 160 wickets in 20 overs after losing 9 wickets.

Carlos Breathweight took two wickets in the last over. Siddhartha Kaul also took 2 wickets. Shikev Al Hasan had a wicket in the name of. On the batting, Chris Lynn added 48 runs in 31 balls while Shubman Gill did 30, Sunil Naire 26 and Pishan Rana added 22 runs.